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desperate [May. 14th, 2006|01:44 am]
That aint important...
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Something I've come to understand is people and being human. It's involving emotion, desire, knowledge, experience, and many other things that would take me all night to explain. Tonight, since I can't sleep AGAIN, I shall focus on one: Being Desperate.

The samurai, ancient military warriors of Japan and followers of Bushido and Budo, were feared by many. People would say that these men could channel a rage of that of Satan. Once that set their eyes on the target, nothing else matter. Their life revolved around defeating that target. It was thru this that their skills increased. They also found their worth as a warrior by challenging someone else(usually someone greater than them). However, like I said before, they were feared as opponents.

The shinobi(literally translated as "shadow warrior") or ninja, were feared among all. Forced to find a way to defend themselves since weapons were outlawed, the shinobi prevailed in most of their daily challenges. Most associated these warriors of shadow with darkness. Their fighting skills were often compared that of a cornered, wounded, and experience panther(or wild animal). Some though they were demons because of their ruthlessness in fighting. They were said to jump from rooftop to rooftop....slaying all who were their opponents. They were said to disappear instantly on the battlefield leaving their opponent confused and open for attack. But still, again, they were feared for their fighting ability.

What would drive a man/woman to this sense of urgency? I personally believe it is desperation.
For one, I use to study some of the philosophies and techniques of ninjutsu, the art of invisibility. One thing I found was that the shinobi was often placed in a hostile environment. It was due to this urgency that they became desperate. It was either a successful mission or face the shame of defeat( which is to be defined as a psychological death). Thru defeat, they would commit ryuku seppaku(it's been awhile since I've since this term so forgive me if I misspelled it) which means "ritual suicide" or "belly slicing". By stabbing themselves in a critical region of the body, they would die(either a quick or a painful death....depends on where they aimed the blade and if they missed). Anyway, desperation set this men(women ninja were known as kunoichi) in a position where they had to use what they knew and use it creatively. It was desperation which honed their fighting techniques to their core. The pressure of dying or defeat set them in a tone of win or lose. There is no draw.

Desperate opponents are nothing to play with. Some feel as though they have nothing to lose. Others feel like they can't afford to lose and put their very life/reputation/whatever the hell they use on the line. They are determined to either come out safely or leave scars, bruises or even death upon their opponent.

Some of the worlds greatest individuals, I believe, have used this characteristic of life to drive them forward. It was thru this that George Washington sailed the Delaware. It was thru this that civil rights leaders Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X drove forward to take action against racism. It was thru this that a biblical character(can't remember his name...he was quite the playboy) cried out to the Lord, broke the chains that binded him, and ultimately lived out God's purpose in his life when he took down the building which housed his enemy.

Man can find great things by using the most negative attributes of their charater. By accepting and embracing the fear, one can drive himself/herself to do great things. How do you channel it? Well, that's something you have to find out. I will say this: I've found myself progressing a lot quicker when I put myself in a desperate situation. Ask me how I'm making it as a double major(outside of the Lord watching over me and guiding me)!