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The [Mar. 17th, 2006|11:16 am]
That aint important...
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[Current Music |the humming of the computers in the computer lab]

I don't know why, but I consider everyone a potential enemy. It's like, my guard is up with everyone including those who I am the most close to. I mean, even in the Bible, it states that those who are not with you are against you. Am I paranoid?

My friends usually make up the people who I have went thru thick and thin with. Straight "Heaven or Hell"- type ordeal. They were there for me. And I was there for them. After going thru so much, I naturally consider them trustworthy. But what if they were just trying to survive and used you as a means of survival. This could be a tragic mistake. Think of it using this scenario as an example: AIDs sits in your body, asleep, awaiting for the time to come out when you are at your weakest point. Or better yet, it just waits for you to expose your weak spot(which to me is when you are at your weakest point). And then it attacks. You try to rally up your defenses. Some may succeed thru this. Others lose. Expose your weakness and your opponent will strike it instantly. Maybe this is why?

Personally I see my opponents as a way for me to develop into a better strategist. I know one adversary did an "all-out-attack" on me. Like an idiot, I tried to hold up against the force. Eventually though, I fell....HARD. I've learned that you should just avoid stuff like that. Let them waste there energy. Then you have two opinions: Counterattack while they are weak or walk away for your own safety. Some would even say that you should help them up....turn the other cheek for the opponent to go at. It's plenty of ways.

Anyway, gotta get ready for Jazz Lab. Then find a way to do this music for the parade tomorrow.